Photos are to be only purchased of your own child or the group that they performed in

Since there are hundreds of photos I have not edited/cropped most photos, however when an order is placed I will edit/crop the best that I can

Screenshots of the photos or having the watermark removed is forbidden

We want you to enjoy and appreciate the images, as well as know that you’re getting value for money from your purchase. By completing your purchase you therefore agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Steve Ritchie Photography are the exclusive owners of all images on this website and hold copyright. By purchasing one of our images you now own an original and un-watermarked copy to which you now have limited rights to.

After purchase you may NOT

  1. On-sell the original digital download for profit
  2. Create a digital or physical copy of the image and on-sell it for profit
  3. Take credit for the image or claim it as your own
  4. Provide the un-watermarked original or a copy of it for free download
  5. Produce publications that claim the images as your work
  6. Assume that you own a licensing right of the image

However you may

Utilise the image for your own personal, non-commercial use

Should you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please CONTACT US